Stone Lantern, Koyasan

koyasan 01

After three weeks of careful work, we have a new stone lantern for you! This one was spotted in the grounds of the Daienin temple in Koyasan. Koyasan is a mountain region in Wakayama prefecture, famous for its many temples. What better place to seek some beautiful stone lanterns!

The Daienin buddhist temple was founded around 1600, and boasts a long and fascinating history. You can read more here!

I should make special thanks to my friend and longtime collaborator A.C.Galaga for providing the reference photo for this artwork. As mentioned, this small artwork took three weeks to complete. If you’re interested in the process, there are photos available on the Sunday ink tumblr and Facebook pages!

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lantern cards

Update! The full range of Sunday ink stone lantern artworks are now available as prints, cards and other products on Redbubble. Click here for more!

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Waterfall, Takaoka


When I was living in Takaoka, one of my favourite sketching places was the castle gardens in Kojo Park. This particular little waterfall was tucked away down a tiny set of stairs, and a perfect spot to draw in peace. But the artwork you see here is brand new! It was a gift for my sister and her new husband on their wedding day.

For a closer look at my working process, please take a look at the Sunday ink tumblr or Facebook pages.

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Three Wishes

Three Wishes

Back in July I printed a very short run of Three Wishes, as a mini comic for Oz ComicCon. I’ve planned it as one of a larger collection of fairy tale comics, but you can read it right now! Just click here. There will be more stories next year!

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Stone Lantern, Takaoka

stone lantern takaoka

Here’s a new stone lantern illustration from Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. I lived in Takaoka from 2008-2009, and often spent time in the gardens and grounds of the ruined castle in Kojo Park. The grounds were quite extensive, and offered plenty of choice locations for sketching.

If you’re interested in how I created this artwork, there are work-in-progress photos up on tumblr!

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Oz Comic-con wrap-up


Over the weekend we had a great time at Melbourne Oz Comic-con. I met plenty of lovely people, saw some truly amazing costumes, and drew more than a few sketches! The Royal Exhibition Building was a magnificent venue for the event, and I think we had a pretty good position to see the action unfold.


Just look at that view!


As you can see above, I had a selection of comics for sale, but we were also selling Art Giraffe cards and doing a round or two of Roll-a-sketch. It was a really fun way to do original sketches for people, and I think a lot of kids enjoyed it. If you’d like to have a closer look, I’ve posted a selection of roll-a-sketches on tumblr and Facebook.

So then, a big thank you to everyone who attended, and an extra special thanks to my friend Ruth for being an amazing assistant and photographer. Keep checking back with us for more updates, and thanks for visiting Sunday ink!

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